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Airpods Pro 3 Release Date And Price Details

Apple AirPods are amazing products of Apple which have crystal clear sound and other useful features. In this article, we have compared Apple’s Airpods Pro 2 and Airpods Pro 3 and given complete details about them that you should know.

Airpods pro 2:

Airpods Pro 2 is Apple’s flagship earpiece that was released on 23 September 2023 These AirPods have lots of advanced features that make them useful and futuristic. Also check our latest block on poco x5 pro

1-H2 Chip

The H2 chip has brought some incredible upgrades to the Airpods Pro 2 like improved noise cancellation, better transparency mode, and spatial audio. These features are elaborated below.

High-quality sound:

Despite being wireless these buds deliver high-quality sound that is good for music and normal usage. These buds have a satisfactory base and deliver every single music note with perfection.

Adaptive audio:

The noise cancelation mode works very well and the transparency mode also plays its role decently but now you have another mode, the adaptive audio mode. This is just a great mix of both previous modes which will work very well. This mode lets the useful sounds pass and resists the annoying sounds. Lastly, this feature is currently for Beta users and will be available to the public after the IOS17 update.

Spatial Audio:

The term spatial means having the character of space. This feature scans your ear and face shape to provide the best audio for you. It also works while your head is in motion and provides amazing assistance while watching movies and listening to music.

Active Noise Cancellation:

Active noise cancellation helps reduce undesirable outside noises AirPods Pro 2 has twice the noise cancelation ability of AirPods Pro. Keep in mind that the previous Airpods had amazing noise cancelation and these have twice as much as the previous version of Airpods.

Dynamic range and new drivers:

The new version of AirPods has a higher range and can function over longer distances Moreover additional drivers help in better head tracking and sound experience.

Better charging and battery backup:

The new AirPods Pro 2 has a slightly bigger battery (49.7 mAh) and faster charging. The efficiency of the case has also increased and 5 minutes of charging can provide 1 hour listening backup for your AirPods. Moreover, these models have MagSafe for charging.

New and improved controls like a triple tap, long press, and voice commands work very well in the new AirPods Pro 2.


The charging case and AirPods both are IPX4 water, sweat, and dust-resistant and are made with good-quality recycled plastic which is durable and lightweight.

New case look:

The AirPods Pro 2 has a newer case with speakers on the bottom that can help you find them if lost. A buckle to attach your keychain or anything you want to attach to your AirPods case.

Custom case:

If you wish to customize your AirPods case then you can, you can choose from your name to your favorite emoji of yours Everything is customizable.

Airpods Pro 3 Review:

The AirPods Pro 3 is expected to be launched in September of 2024 in Apple’s major event. These buds will have even better or the same features as the AirPods Pro 2. Some of these rumored features are discussed below.

1- Chip upgrade

Experts and experienced personnel are expecting a possible chip upgrade from the H2 to the H3 chip. This will result in some changes like better noise cancellation, higher efficiency, and smoother working.

2-USB C charging port

One major change is the use of USB C for charging the case and it seems to happen because the iPhone 15 is supposed to have a type C port. This port will allow faster and more efficient charging.

3- Accessibility

Special people with hearing problems will have a great advantage from the new accessory features from Apple like enhanced live speech, hearing aids, and many more. Moreover, it is rumored that the new AirPods Pro 3 will analyze and inform you about a possible hearing problem of yours.

4-A better touch

This new generation buds will have a slightly better battery backup, faster and more efficient charging along a smoother experience. The sound quality and improved music technology will result in better sound and clear music.

Beats Fit Pro vs Airpods 3:

Beats Fit Pro

Beats Fit Pro are great earbuds for daily and sports usage. These earbuds have all the features that you always wanted in any earbuds. Moreover, they have an amazing grip on your ears and can be controlled using the ‘b’ button on your buds. Active noise cancelation and other flagship features are available in these buds.


Beats Fit Pro and AirPods Pro 3 both are owned by Apple. Moreover, both these earbuds include extraordinary abilities. Let’s check who wins.
Note:(Airpods Pro 3 has not been launched and all the information provided is either rumored or expected)

1-These buds have amazing noise-cancelling but the Airpods Pro 3 in with better noise-cancelling.

2-Ecosystem and connectivity are equally important and the Beats Fit Pro wins with better ecosystem and connectivity.

3-The sound quality of Airpods Pro 3 is better and it wins.

4-Airpods Pro 3 has a loose grip as compared to the Beats Fit Pro which has a wing tip that helps in better grip.

5- The pricing of AirPods Pro 3(249$) is a bit expensive and Beats Fit Pro is a bit cheaper(200$).

Results: All these features are what we think about these excellent earbuds now it’s up to you to choose from these other earbuds.

Apple AirPods Pro 3 Release Date:

Many trusted websites and companies along with Apple experts except the AirPods Pro 3 in September 2024. Which is quite a convincing date for the release.


In today’s article, we talked about Apple AirPods Pro 2, Apple AirPods Pro 3, and Beats Fit Pro. All of these earbuds are flagship earbuds for everyday and sports usage. We compared these buds in our article and provided you with vital information that we had. Remember that all the information provided on this blog may vary from others. Thanks for sticking till the end leave a comment and let us know what you think of these buds. Visit our homepage for more reviews.

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