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Hey there Social animal are you looking for a good alternative to WhatsApp. We have got the best apps like WhatsApp. This blog post is all about the best alternatives of WhatsApp. We will discuss about all the other apps like WhatsApp

List of the best apps like WhatsApp?






6-We Chat





What are the alternatives of WhatsApp?


Telegram is a private and simple messenger app. It’s a fast and powerful messenger that lets you access chats from multiple devices. Telegram is fully customizable and you can create large groups of up to 200k members. Moreover, it’s a completely free app available on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux. Furthermore, old media shared in groups can also be accessed on telegram. Telegram is a quick and globally available messenger like Whatsapp. 


Signal is a great alternative to WhatsApp. It’s a handy messenger app with lots of active users around the world. Mainly focused on privacy, Signal gives you the ultimate benefits of private messaging. All your chats are end-to-end encrypted which only you can access. High-quality video and audio calls are other traits of this messenger. Plus enjoy a video call with a group of 15 or more people. Signal is a great messenger to use and is available around the world. 


Viber is an old player in the world of messengers. It provides all the basic features that a messenger has. Viber allows you to create large communities with more admin control. Viber communities can have an unlimited number of members. Moreover, Viber is a safe and easy-to-use messenger. An additional benefit of Viber that comes with its premium plan is that you can call any landline or mobile number in the world even if they don’t have Viber. Viber is a safe messenger and all the contacts on Viber are Trusted.


IMO a popular messenger from 2010 to 2015 mainly known for quality video calls is still used around the world and is a very good option to choose besides WhatsApp. It allows you to join a variety of groups and chat with people in real-time. IMO is a safe-to-use messenger and is available on many platforms like Android and iOS. Additionally, it’s a lightweight app and takes less storage on your device. Along with this IMO is a very expressive messenger and has lots of new and expressive emojis.


Messenger is a popular app like WhatsApp developed by Meta(Facebook). It needs a Facebook ID and you can message anyone who has a Facebook ID via Messenger. Messenger just like WhatsApp is a fast and reliable messaging app. Moreover, multiple groups on Messenger can be joined to chat with people and view content. Messenger allows high-quality voice and video calls. You can send voice, text, audio, or video messages on Messenger. It’s completely free to use. 

We Chat:

We Chat is not just a messenger but a whole ecosystem of apps like Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. WeChat is mainly used in China and has 1.33 billion users from around the world. Just like the logo and theme, We Chat also works like WhatsApp. You can privately send messages to your friends and family on WeChat. Moreover, watch short videos, search for queries, and even add friends on WeChat. As mentioned above it’s a whole ecosystem of apps.


Line created in an emergency became the most popular messenger in Japan. This messenger has a lot of unique traits in it like Line News, Line Pay, Line music, and many more. It is a simple messenger that allows voice calls and text messages for free. This is a safe messaging app that provides multiple benefits. There are fun games and other entertainment options in Line to choose from. Line and WeChat have many things in common.


 Session is a private messenger which mainly focuses on privacy and security. It works like WhatsApp but is considered safer due to its decentralized servers, end-to-end encryption, and private routing protocols. One can join groups and chat with the world using Session. A unique Session ID created with your account keeps you secure. Share documents and text normally like on WhatsApp using Session. Session is a more secure alternative to WhatsApp. 


Bip is yet another messaging app like WhatsApp. It has a User-Friendly Interface and is reliable. Moreover, Bip allows HD-quality calls with a group of people. It is a safe messenger and your messages are deleted as soon as they reach their destination. Bip Messenger includes other services like Weather forecasts, Health Tips, and many more. Bip just like WhatsApp allows you to share Location, text, image, audio, and video messages with your friends and family.


Kik is a messenger and live-streaming app. There are tons of groups to join on Kik and have fun. Kik is a good messenger but mainly focuses on live streaming and chatting with strangers.  Moreover, it’s an easy messenger app that is available on Android and iOS devices. Kik is free therefore you may want to bear some short ads. Kik can be used to text your friends or create new friends online. There are multiple benefits to using Kik. It’s safe and free, make sure you give it a try. 

Hey, are you searching for a messaging app that is an alternative for Whatsapp? You can try Telegram, Signal, Viber, IMO, Messenger, WeChat, Line, Session, Bip or Kik. All these apps are similar to Whatsapp in terms of functionality however, every app has its own pros and cons. Telegram has large chats, Signal has amazing privacy and WeChat has plenty of applications in one. You can check out every apps and their differences in order to decide which one is the most suitable for you

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