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Top 5 Best AI Tools that everyone should know about in 2024

Hey there, don’t get left behind in the ever-changing market of AI in 2024. This blog post is about the best AI tools in 2024 that everyone should know about. So let’s dive into it. 

The Top 5 Best AI Tools in 2024


Chat GPT was and is one of the best AI tools to date. Many people think AI means Chat GPT due to its rapid growth. Chat GPT stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transform and was developed by Open AI. It’s a Large Language Model that can intercept human language and create productive responses. Moreover, it is free and also offers premium and more powerful models. 

How to use Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is at another level, responses sometimes seem scary. Here you will learn how to use ChatGPT and stand out from the crowd. ChatGPT can understand commands and generate responses accordingly.  Now to stand out from the crowd you need to use it uniquely. Don’t just command it to write an essay of 500 words. Instead, scrape the web and gather some information about the topic you are writing about. Then feed the satisfactory information about the topic to ChatGPT and ask it to generate a response based on the information. Make sure you include the tone you want the response to be in. One way of generating a unique and useful response from ChatGPT there are multiple others. is a natural language model. It also interprets and understands human language. Generates responses based on the commands. But it can do much more, like understanding contextual clues and generating contextual responses. Moreover, it chats and replies like a real human. It has multiple characters in its model. All those models are AI and perform distinct roles like a Maths Teacher, A doctor, A teenager, or an astronaut. There are lots of different characters and each character performs a different role and generates responses accordingly. 

How to use works like a charm. You can search or select any character and start chatting with it. Chatting or asking questions works with For example, you can get help from the librarian character regarding any book or its summary. The librarian character will provide contextual responses to you. There are other characters like The Maths Teacher or the English Teacher. You can ask questions or have a casual chat with them. Moreover you can joke or add humor to your conversation and will not have a problem understanding it. You can use as a friend to chat or as a consultant to ask about something. That is how you can use


If you think ChatGPT is a bit old and not keeping up with the pace then give Chatsonic a chance. This tool is great and updated, moreover, it relates and fetches information from the latest blog posts and content on Google to write certain articles or generate responses. It gives you the option to choose from articles on Google so that it can create responses based on the article you chose. Chatsonic blends AI and vast Google knowledge into one place. 

How to use Chatsonic?

Chatsonic can be used to write or create a response about the latest topics. You can use it to create the latest articles, blog posts, or content around any topic. Moreover, the templates by default help you to write about anything. Its free version has a balance of 10000 words which you need to use wisely. You can upload documents from your local storage or add links to certain content. Based on that Chatsonic will create articles or content for you. It’s a very helpful and easy AI tool to use in 2024. 


Open AI plays a pivotal role in the development of AI tools and software. As mentioned earlier ChatGPT is also developed by OpenAI. However, DALL-E is an AI system developed to create realistic images from descriptions given in natural language. These sorts of tools are revolutionizing the world with their traits. DALL-E can be used to create images beyond human imagination and possibilities. For instance, someone can create images of a scientist playing with electrons inside a bar or an astronaut eating pizza on the moon. 

How to use DALL-E?

Using DALL-E is very simple and hard at the same time. Because you can just write a simple description about anything and DALL-E will create an image for it. But you can also add minor details and technical information for DALL-E to create a realistic image for you. You can use DALL-E to create product images or use it personally to assist your day-to-day life. 

5-Bing Copilot

Bing Copilot is an AI integrated into a search engine. Bing has partnered with OpenAI to create a very powerful and helpful AI tool that can stand out from the crowd. It is currently available in the Bing App on Mobile phones and desktops. Moreover, this AI copilot is like an assistant of yours. Everything an AI can do in 2024 is inside Bing AI. From creating responses to creating images from text, Bing AI can also plan a trip for you and much more. It is a game-changer in the world of AI.

How to use Bing Copilot?

As told above Bing Copilot isn’t a normal AI model or tool. It’s an AI search engine. This model will gather data from across the web on a specific keyword for you. You can ask it to gather specific data about a specific keyword. It will summarise the data and give you the want you want. You can use it to know about anything available on the web. You need to read the whole content because what you want will be there for you. 

Bing Copilot can create high-quality images based on simple descriptions. The GPT-4 model mode is available on this tool. Moreover, you can add lusciousness to your AI tool and make it more productive. Use this tool to find specific products, information, and data. There is a lot to know that you should explore on your own. 

Final Words

Since 2020 and earlier AI has come a long way. In 2024 AI has made its way into our daily lives as well. Your Air Conditioner has AI, your Car has AI and your search engine has AI. AI is improving people’s lives and making the human capability horizon even more vast. This blog post was a short compilation of the best free AI tools that everyone should know about in 2024. We hope you like it, and if you do, please share it with others.

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