Purpose: In this article, you will learn how to buy Bitcoin on eToro. Plus additional useful information about bitcoin,eToro, and cryptocurrencies. 


Bitcoin which was once used as a currency to trade in deeper and darker parts of the web is now revolutionizing the world. Nowadays bitcoin is an investing opportunity for normal people and multi-million dollar companies. Day by day it’s getting more and more attention from the world and people want to invest in it. And What is a  better way to buy crypto than your debit card? Yes, it’s possible and in this post, we will tell you how?

How to buy Bitcoin on etoro?

Here is a 3-step guide:


Create an account on eToro. You have to sign up for an account with eToro. Google, Apple ID, and Facebook can be used to sign up. Enter your first, middle, and last name along with your date of birth. Now verify your email and create a password. Moreover, provide some scanned documents like a driver’s license. 


Know Your Customer or KYC is the verification of your information and documents. You will be verified and approved or disapproved to be an eToro customer within 24 hours. 


Buy Bitcoin on Etoro, but first deposit money into your account. Use a debit card with a minimum of 500$ in it or use PayPal. Deposit at least 10$ and choose BTC from the list of assets on the ‘MARKETS’ page. And finally, the moment of truth – tell eToro how much you’d like to buy, and voila, it’s all yours! 

What is eToro?

eToro is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Moreover, users can buy stocks, sell them, and trade. This platform is considered perfect for beginners who want to trade because of the demo of accounts it offers. The demo account gives you $100,000 US to practise trading, learn from top traders, and learn how crypto trading works. 

eToro is a leading crypto trading platform that has a very user-friendly interface. It’s a beginner-perfect platform to start their trading journey. eToro has its official apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Plus a helpful website to learn more about it. Once you learn how to trade you can invest real money into it and start trading. 

How much does it cost to buy Bitcoin on eToro?

eToro charges 1% of the quoted price when you buy or cash out your bitcoin on eToro. The fee will be shown during your transaction.

How to withdraw Bitcoin on eToro?

Here is a step-by-step guide:

1-Convert your BTC to cash by going to your portfolio on eToro. 

2-Kindly provide the amount of BTC you wish to transfer and select your preferred currency between USD and EUR.

3-Click ‘Convert’ and your cash will appear on the eToro account balance. Withdraw the cash with a 5$ fee of a minimum of 30$ cash.

How to buy Bitcoin with a debit card?

You can buy Bitcoin from your debit card on eToro here is how:

1-Sign up for an account on eToro and verify your information. This takes a few minutes. 

2-Link your debit card and transfer funds. Your card should belong to you and a minimum of $10 US should be invested.  

3-Now click on open trade and you successfully bought bitcoin. 

How to transfer Bitcoin to eToro?

If you want to transfer Bitcoin from another digital wallet to your eToro wallet here is how to do it:

1-log into your eToro account mobile or other device where you have the eToro wallet.

2-Navigate to BTC and tap receive.

3-Copy the public address or share the QR code with the person sending the BTC. Once the sender inputs the public address and sends BTC you will receive it on your eToro wallet. 

eToro Bitcoin Wallet

Just like other platforms, eToro has its crypto wallet. It’s a very secure wallet and easy to use. You can download it on your Android and iOS devices for free. eToro Money app allows you to store your Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies or receive and send them easily. Moreover, you can store Bitcoin directly in the eToro trading account. 

Can we buy other cryptocurrencies on eToro?

Yes, eToro allows you to buy lots of different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. You can trade, sell, and buy these cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you can invest in stocks, Commodities, Currencies, and much more in this single platform. 

Why choose eToro?

eToro is an amazing platform for trading cryptocurrencies. It has a detailed website that offers helpful information about buying and selling crypto. Furthermore, for beginners, the $ 100,000 virtual fund helps to learn how to invest and copy experienced crypto traders in the market. Lastly, eToro charges a 1% fee rather than the usual 2 to 3% by other platforms and it has a simple UI. These reasons compel users to choose eToro. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency that was first founded in January 2009. Satoshi Nakamoto is believed to be the founder of it. Bitcoin is the most well-known and worthwhile cryptocurrency in the world. Thousands of people invest and trade Bitcoin every day. It is also used in the dark corners of the web but nowadays people use Bitcoin as a currency in the real world as well. 

Is there risk involved in Bitcoin investment?

Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency has highly volatile rates. Moreover, eToro and other platforms warn you to not invest until you are ready to lose all the money you invest. There is no return policy and you shouldn’t expect any protection if something goes wrong. The market rates change with every second therefore you should be aware of the high risk involved in bitcoin or another crypto investment.

How to buy Bitcoin on eToro FAQs

1-How long does it take to buy Bitcoin on eToro?

It takes some time for the documentation and personal information to process. Once purchased you will receive your Bitcoin within 24 hours. If it takes more than that, contact customer care.

2-Can you withdraw Bitcoin from eToro?

Yes, you can withdraw Bitcoin from eToro into your bank account or any order account. We have mentioned the process and withdrawal fees above. Go check it out for more information.


In this article, we mentioned basic to advanced level know-how about eTro and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, you will know how to buy Bitcoin on eToro and related questions after reading the article above. We hope you got what you were looking for after reading our article. 

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