How to use Non PTA phones In Pakistan

What Is a Non PTA phone?

A Non-PTA Phone is an unregistered smartphone that has not been registered with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. Smartphones that don’t pay PTA taxes and whose IMEI numbers are not registered in the PTA database can be Categorized as Non-PTA smartphones. What is the difference between PTA Approved and Non-PTA approved smartphones? The PTA-approved smartphones are registered phones with the PTA, which means PTA-registered SIM cards like Zong and Telenor can work on these phones. You can use the cellular internet and make calls using these SIM cards. The Physical SIM and e-sim of these networks can work on your phone. On the other hand, the Non-PTA approved phones because they are unregistered will not have this benefit. Registered with PTA SIM cards like ZONG and JAZZ won’t work on Non-PTA approved Smartphones, neither the physical nor e-Sim of these companies will work on Non-PTA Phones.

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How to use a Non-PTA approved phone?

In Pakistan, there are many Non-PTA approved smartphones. They are Androids and iPhones. But how do people use them if they are unregistered? The main part here is played by a network that works in Gilgit-Baltistan and the Azad Jammu-Kashmir region of Pakistan called SCOM. SCOM claims it’s the largest cellular network in those regions. SCOM SIMs work on Non-PTA smartphones and there is no proper reason why it happens, but many say that due to SCOM’s small database, these phones somehow work on this network. In the Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu, Kashmir, region, you get 4G LTE, high-speed internet, and good coverage, but in other regions of Pakistan, like Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, this network roams and converts into Ufone 3G. You can still message, make calls and use 3G internet in these regions because the network is on roaming so it costs a bit more. Nevertheless, this SIM works very well on every Non-PTA approved smartphone.

The second way to use a Non-PTA approved Smartphone is by using a SIM Adaptor. Sim Adaptor is a device that connects with your phone via Bluetooth messages and calls are received on the device and are sent to your smartphone. IKOS is mainly used in Pakistan nowadays because it has good connectivity and a fair price. IKOS devices cost around $90 to 100$. Upgraded versions of these devices also support internet connection. These devices are also PTA and Non-PTA approved, so make sure to buy a PTA-approved device otherwise the Non-PTA device won’t work.

The third way to use a Non-PTA approved Smartphone is to buy a small keypad phone that supports 4G and Hotspot. It seems kind of strange, but thanks to companies like JAZZ, we have small Keypad phones that support 4G and hotspots. JAZZ digit 4G is a great option because it supports 4G and has a hotspot feature. Moreover, other brands like Nokia and QMobile also have their own 4G keypad mobiles that support hotspots and 4G internet. These small phones can help you with dual sims for calling and messaging along with 4G internet.

The fourth method can only work on iPhones. Iphones have a great feature where if your Apple ID is logged into two devices, messages and calls are shown on both of your phones. If you have an older PTA-approved iPhone like a 5 or 6, then you can log your Apple ID into your main and sub-iPhone. Use SIM in the PTA and older versions so that you get sms and other useful notifications on your main iPhone. You can also buy an old PTA-approved iPhone if you want it. This method also works very well, but only on iPhones.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Non-PTA Approved phones?


Non-PTA smartphones are way cheaper than PTA-approved smartphones.
These phones have the same functionality and features just like the PTA-approved Phones.


Non-PTA smartphones are unable to run the main cellular network like Zong, Telenor, and Jazz. You can have connectivity problems with a Non-PTA smartphone like calling, messaging, and Cellular internet.

Will SCOM work on Non-PTA approved phones after 1st September?

SCOM has officially announced to change its service and network to work in a way that Non-PTA smartphones that used to work on SCOM won’t work on the SCOM network after September 1st of 2023. SCOM is planning to launch an e-sim as well, and PTA-approved Phones that support e-sim can now buy a SCOM e-sim, but non-PTA users won’t be able to do so.

Difference between JV and Non-PTA phones?

You may have come across devices that are called JVs. These devices are completely locked and can’t be registered to a network even if you are willing to buy Non-PTA phones that are still working on SCOM Sim. Moreover, if you would like to register them with PTA, you can do it by paying a certain tax on the phone to make it PTA-approved. Therefore, JV phones are called factory locked.

Should I buy a Non-PTA phone?

In Pakistan, mainly flagship devices and Smartphones are sold as Non-PTA approved to make them cheaper and affordable. In Pakistan, the tax on flagship smartphones and devices is very high. Therefore, users choose the cheaper and limited way. If you are planning to buy a Non-PTA smartphone, then you should be buying a Flagship phone because phones like normal Androids and iPhones below iPhone 7+ or iPhone 8 are not that expensive, even when PTA approved. Moreover, budget Androids and iPhones when bought in Non-PTA lose their resale value and some may be refurbished or repaired. Therefore, I would suggest you buy Non-PTA flagship smartphones for cheaper prices and better resale.

Are Non-PTA approved Smartphones Worth It?

A Non-PTA smartphone has some serious price differences from its PTA-approved fellow. You get all the features and everything, just some connectivity issues. If we take a PTA-approved iPhone 14 Promax on one side and a Non-PTA iPhone 14 Pro max on the other side, there would only be one issue, which is connectivity and there would be a major difference in price by major. I mean a huge difference. Now, if you want to save money and bear some problems, then you can go for the Non-PTA phone. It’s up to you what you want for the price.

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