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How To Watch Netflix On Your Car Display?

Are you curious to find out How to Watch Netflix on Your Car Display? Many people choose Carplay and Android Auto when it comes to playing videos on their car screen. Carplay and Android Auto are great choices but due to safety reasons, video software such as Netflix and YouTube do not work with them.

Fun may be concerning to the driver but the passengers need fun on long trips.
Downloading movies on a USB is one way to watch Netflix movies and series in your car. But in this article, you will learn simple methods to connect your mobile to your car’s display or watch Netflix on the car’s screen.

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How To Watch Netflix On Your Car Display

How To Watch Netflix On Apple Carplay:

Apple CarPlay is a software platform that enables users to integrate their iPhones with their vehicle’s infotainment system. It allows drivers to access and control various iPhone features, such as music, messaging, maps, and Siri, hands-free and with enhanced safety while driving. Besides this Netflix isn’t compatible with Carplay due to the driver and passengers’ safety.

If your car has Apple Carplay we have methods to help you watch Netflix on your Car without any problems. Apple Carplay works on iPhones and Apple devices moreover, your car should support Carplay for these methods to work.

How To Watch Netflix In The Car Without Jailbreak:

1-You will need an MMB(Multi Media Box).
2-Connect the MMB with your car’s USB port.
3-Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on your phone.
3-Search and pair with the MMB and enable carplay.
4-Now you should see your car playing and working with the Netflix app.

Watch Netflix In The Car With Jailbreak:

Here are some ways to watch Netflix with Jailbreak.


Carbridge is an iOS application that works on jailbroken iPhones. Moreover, it allows you to stream Netflix and other restricted content on your car’s screen. Here is how to connect a Carbridge with your Car. Download Carbridge>Open Carbridge on your iPhone>Connect your Car with Cambridge wirelessly or connect using a wire> Select the apps you want to bridge>Watch Netflix or YouTube on your Car.


LetsView is a popular app for screen mirroring. LetsView allows you to mirror your mobile phone screen to your car. This means you can mirror Netflix on your car’s screen and watch it effortlessly. Besides, you can use LetsView to mirror your mobile phone with your PC, Smart TV, and many other devices.

Note: When you jailbreak your device you can have security problems with your phone moreover there are no further software updates on your phone. Jailbreaking a device has many risks involved.

How To Watch Netflix On Android Auto:

Android Auto is a software platform that allows users to connect their Android devices with their cars. Android Auto allows many functionalities for the driver like Google Assistant, Maps, Music, and other media streaming. Furthermore, calling and other useful apps can be accessed easily using Android Auto.

Here Are Some Ways To Watch Netflix On Your Car’s Screen Using Android Auto:


VMOS(Virtual Machine Operating System). This is an Android application that functions like a Virtual Machine on Android. This application allows you to run older versions of Android even if you are using the latest version. Here is how to watch Netflix on Android Auto using VMOS:
Download VMOS>Install Netflix in it>Connect your Android using cable>Open Netflix on VMOS from
Android Auto.

2-AA Mirror Plus

AA Mirror Plus can help you mirror your Android Screen on your Car’s display. You will get this application from AAStore on Android. AAStore must be downloaded to download this application. You can download AAStore by searching it on Google.

Here Is How To Use AA Mirror Plus:

Uncheck all the settings on your Android Auto Developer Options. To enable developer options tap seven times on the Android version of Android Auto. Now connect your Android phone with your car using a wire. On your car’s screen tap on AA Mirror Plus and open it. Unlock your Android phone and click the Allow button. That is all now you can watch Netflix and YouTube in your car.

3-MMB(Multi Media Box).

Use any MMB device that is compatible with your car and Android. Usually, a normal MMB will do your job but make sure it’s compatible with your devices.
The connecting procedure is as follows:
Connect the MMB with your car>Open Android Auto and connect to your MMB>Open Bluetooth and connect your MMB>Start streaming Netflix and Youtube on your Car.

How to watch Movies in the Car without Wi-Fi:

First, you need to download the movies you want to watch from the internet. Next, you need a USB drive where you can store those movies. Now connect the USB drive to your car and play your favorite movies.


Can I directly watch Netflix using Android Auto or Apple Carplay?

No, you can’t watch Netflix or YouTube directly using Android Auto or Apple Carplay.

Is Jailbreak necessary to stream Netflix or YouTube on your Car?

Jailbreak isn’t necessary if you have an MMB(Multi Media Box). But it is necessary if you want to run apps like Crbridge.

Can I watch HBO Max on My Car?

No, You can’t watch HBO Max in your Car. Moreover, other apps like Netflix and YouTube won’t work on CarPlay or Android Auto.

Apple Carplay or Android Auto which is better?

Apple Carplay and Android Auto are both amazing platforms. Seamless streaming and assistance are provided by both platforms. Additionally, high-quality Media streaming and other functions are present in car play and Android Auto. Some may find Apple Carplay or others may find Android Auto more practical. Both these platforms work well.


Entertainment is incomplete without Netflix and YouTube. After reading this post you know how to watch them in your car. Keep in mind that watching while driving is extremely dangerous for you and your family. Therefore, park your car and watch. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below. That is all for today for quick answers read the FAQ section below.

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