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IPhone 15 Review ( Everything We Know) 2023

Since 2006, Apple has launched its new flagship smartphones every year in a sequence. From the first iPhone in 2006 to the second iPhone the next year and so on. Apple usually launches its flagship smartphones in September of every year. Last year we saw the amazing Apple iPhone 14, which came in 4 different variants. Likewise, the 13th series also came in September. Rumors about the new iPhone 15 are that it will also launch in September of 2023, to be specifically 12 or 13 September. The iPhone 15 could have some major software changes, but rumors say that the 15 could also have some major hardware changes. In this article, we have gathered every bit of information about the IPhone 15 Review. Let’s dive in. Read our latest blog Twitter Video Downloader

What Is The IPhone 15?

By its name, iPhone 15 is the fifteenth flagship smartphone of the tech giant Apple. The iPhone 15 is the successor of its previous version, the iPhone 14, which came out on 16 September 2022. This iPhone will have some minor design changes, but generally, it will look like the iPhone 14.

Specifications Of IPhone 15?

iPhone 15 is expected to have an A16 Bionic Chip and 6GB RAM, with a base memory of 128 GB. The cameras are expected to be 48 Megapixels main and 12 megapixels ultra-wide angle cameras. a 6.1 inch OLED display that has a refresh rate of 60hz. One major change that we may see in the iPhone 15 is that it will have a type C charging port. With a 3870 mAh non-user removable battery, iPhone 15 will have an 18% larger battery than the iPhone 14. Moreover, the aluminum frame and glass back of the iPhone 15 will be IP68 water and dust resistant.

The iPhone 15 will have a single physical sim and an exam and will be 5G supported. Reuters say that the iPhone 15 will have an all-new action button and the silent mode button will not be there on the iPhone 15. The action button will have many functions, like recording a voice memo, turning on a flashlight, translating text, sending a message, opening a shortcut, and many more. Furthermore, a major change in the software is that the iPhone 15 will have iOS 17. IOS 17 has features like name drop, standby mode, and many more. The iPhone 15 has slightly curved edges that make it better and easier to find. Also, with the huge camera bumps, Apple is using a periscope in this lens for zoom. These and many others are facts and rumors about the upcoming iPhone 15.

Release Date Of IPhone 15?

If we look at the history of Apple, it launched all of its flagship smartphones in September except the iPhone 12 which launched in October due to the pandemic. Many researchers and experts are expecting the same. Expecting that the iPhone 15 will also launch in September 2023. All iPhones are launched at Steve Jobs’s theatre in Apple.

What Will I Pay For An IPhone 15?

iPhones are Apple’s flagship smartphones and are expensive. The first-ever iPhone, the 4GB model, was at a price if 499$ and the 8GB variant at 599$. Now, if we look at the iPhone 15, it is expected to cost around 799$ The highest model, which is the iPhone 15 pro max, will cost around 1299$. The prices are quite high for the pro models. Moreover, Tim Cook said “The price increase is no problem as consumers could probably be persuaded to spend more”, so you had better save some bucks to buy the iPhone 15.

Should I Buy An IPhone 15?

This is a question that only you can answer, because if you are interested in photography, the iPhone 15 has a great camera. Other than that, the iPhone 15 is a great fit for Apple guys who like to work on Apple products. Moreover, people who like the Apple iPhone 15 must buy the product for them. Also, for people who want a flagship smartphone for multipurpose use, Upton, 15 is a great option for them as well. Now it all depends on whether you want to buy the iPhone 15 or want to stick with your old phone.

Is IPhone 15 Worth It?

The basic model of the iPhone 15 is a great smartphone that is valuable for money. Providing you with the best dual camera, a fast chipset with a beautiful design, and a whole lot of stuff. The upper models, like Plus, pro, and Promax, are products that have had some changes, but the changes are incredible. A periscope on a smartphone is amazing. Moreover, amazing telephones and other features make them great and also expensive. This is why the higher models are a bit expensive but they also have some amazing features.

Avaible Colors In Upcoming 15:

If we talk about the colors in the up coming iphone 15 so here we will find 6 different colors which are mentioned below.

  • Green,
  • Midnight,
  • Pink, 
  • Product (RED),
  • Starlight,
  • Yellow


The whole information that you read above about Iphone 15 Review is based on facts, opinions, and predictions from experts and reliable sources. Therefore, you should not fully accept what you read, listen to or see until the official company launches its product. Make sure to check other reviews of Apple products on our home page.

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