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LG 43 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 2023

LG UR80 Series is the latest 4K Smart TV from LG. This smart TV has tremendous features that enhance your TV-watching experience. The LG 43 inch 4K Series has 4K resolution and HDR10 Pro along with AI Sound Pro. Moreover, its sleek design makes it even smarter. There are seven different Sizes available from 43” to 86’’ inches. 4K upscaling makes the picture clear and amazingly renders details. UR80 Series 2023 model 43-inch costs 347£.

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LG UR80 Series Specifications:

1-4K HDR10 Pro, Better details and vivid color.
2-4K Gen6 a5 AI Processor.
3-4K Upscaling.
4-WOW Interface.
5-webOS 23.
6-Content recommendation by AI based on your search.
7-Supports Apple Airplay, Apple Homekit, and Matter.
8-Gaming features such as HGiG, Cloud Game, and Game Optimizer.
9-Personal Profile.
10-Quick Card to access your favorite content in one place.

Best LG 55-inch 4K Smart TV Of 2023:

According to the T3 Awards, the LG OLED evo G3 performed the best among its competitors. The LG OLED EVO G3 is the brightest OLED ever created by LG. The OLED screen is impressively bright and produces a 70% brighter picture. Further, it has a swift 120Hz refresh rate. That’s all handled by a Gen6 a9 AI Processor. G3 is rated 4.6 out of 5 by the customers and has a 1,000$ OFF deal. It’s In Stock and you can grab one for 3,499$ or 179/month.

LG 43-inch 1080p Smart TV:

LG is a pioneer company in making 1080p HD Quality Smart TVs. The LM6300 Series is one of those 1080p TVs.
There are multiple specs of this TV such as a Color Enhancer that brightens the picture. Moreover, a Quad Processor and Active HDR create dynamic color and contrast. LG ThinQ AI makes it easier with your voice.
LM6300 has Dolby Audio for amazing sound. This TV has a sleek design and the 43-inch variant is available for 200$.

LG 24-inch LED TV Non Smart:

LG is a well-known brand in the Smart TV world but in the Non Smart TV world, LG is also praised. The LG 24LJ4540 is one of LG’s Non-Smart TVs. With a Triple XD Engine, the picture quality of this TV is pretty good. Moreover, USB, HDMI, and RF are the basic features provided. 720p resolution which has a good contrast but the viewing distance is affected. Overall the LG 24LJ4540 is a great Non Smart TV for 140$.

LG 43-inch Smart TV 2017 Model:

The LG 43UJ6200 came out in the year 2017 and is now discontinued. This LG Smart TV was a very good performer in its time. All the basic and advanced features like webOS 3.5, Full Web Browser, and 4K ultra HD Resolution. Furthermore, LG Content Store and Full Web browsing are available on this TV. The 43UJ6200 has Screen share, Content share, and WiFi 802.11ac. Though it was discontinued by LG, it was available for 120$.

43-inch LG Smart TV Screen Replacement:

The Open Cell 4K LG TV Screen is available for 130$ and has a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The other versions with smaller display sizes and bigger display sizes are available from 70$ to $2,000. You can buy one from Alibaba or Amazon, local market dealers also have these screens for replacement. Remember to check your TV’s size and compatibility before buying a screen of a different size or other technical changes may not work with your Smart TV.

LG TV won’t Connect to Wi-Fi:

1-Change your router position and bring it near the TV.
2-Restart your router and your TV.
3-Check whether your TV supports the bandwidth. many devices don’t support 5GHz bandwidth try using the 2.4GHz.
4-Use an Ethernet wire with your TV.
5-Change your WiFi security type.
6-Contact your Internet service provider.

How to Download Apps On LG 43 inch 4K:

You can download apps on the LG Smart TV from the LG Content Store which has over 250 necessary apps. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Spotify and much more. You can’t download third-party apps and the Google Play Store through the LG Content Store. You simply go to the LG Content Store, search for an app, and download the app you like. The procedure may be different for different webOS versions but the LG Content Store is the same.

What Is WebOS On LG 43 inch 4K:

webOS is a Smart TV operating system used and owned by This is a Linux-based operating system that allows the users to control and access different functions on their LG Smart TVs. Moreover, GUI(Graphical User Interface) is used in this OS to access different features of the LG Smart TVs. webOS was released by Palm in 2009 and is currently owned by LG. webOS has its App Store and other basic elements that a user needs.


Smart TVs nowadays are becoming smarter every day. A home can be automated(Check our Article on Home Automation Ideas) and smart TVs play a significant role in it. In The above article, we have mentioned some of the best LG 43 inch 4K and their Specifications. Moreover with some common issues faced by users and their simple answers. Hope you like the article feel free to ask any questions and make sure to check out other articles on the homepage.

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