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How to Get Spotify Premium for the Cheapest Price in 2024

Spotify is a brilliant music-listening app. With a collection of 100 Million Songs in its library and more than 4 billion playlists. However, there are some flaws like annoying ads and no offline streaming of music. These problems are solved when you buy Spotify Premium but Premium is expensive. Therefore today we will show you How to get Spotify Premium for the cheapest price in 2024. 

Here are the best ways to get Spotify Premium for the cheapest price in 2024

Student Discount 

Student Discounts are a great way to get Spotify premium for cheaper prices. You will pay only 5.99$ in United States Dollars to get access to Spotify Premium. 

Buy from another country 

Spotify has varying subscription rates across different countries. To avail of cheaper rates, you can use a VPN to change your location and purchase a subscription from a country where the rates are lower. At present, the most cost-effective Spotify Premium package is available in Pakistan for $1.08, which is approximately $9 cheaper than the rates in the US.

Family Plan

This option may not apply to everyone. If your family members are interested in purchasing Spotify Premium, it’s recommended to opt for the Premium Family Plan for better value. This will cut the cost by distributing it evenly to each member. Spotify’s family plan costs $17 in the US and supports up to six family members. This means each member pays $2.83 per month for a premium account.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always exciting. Nowadays different companies like e-marketing websites, or money transfer apps provide gift cards for apps like Spotify. Claim those cards and get a premium package for the whole year. This is a very effective and efficient way to save money and time on Spotify Premium plans. 

How to buy Spotify Premium from another country?

First of all, use a good VPN and connect to any other country’s server. We recommend connecting to Pakistan because it has the cheapest Spotify Premium rates. Now, search for Spotify Premium on Google and click on the first website. Then, click on “View Plans” and choose a plan that suits you. Lastly, enter your Master or VISA card details and buy the plan.

How to get a Spotify Premium student discount?

To be eligible, you must be a student or possess a valid student card from your institution. Your institution must be on Spotify’s list of recognized institutions. Scan your student card and provide details such as your name, class, field of study, and other relevant information. 

Next, add your payment method and you’re good to go. If your school, college, or university is not on Spotify’s institution list, you can submit accurate and necessary details about it to register your educational institute on Spotify.

Why is Spotify Premium Cheaper in different countries?

Price discrimination. Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, and other large corporations offer their premium services at varying prices in different countries based on the purchasing power of their citizens. This is the reason Spotify is cheaper in different countries. 

How to get Spotify Premium for free in 2024?

1- I bet this is the best trick you will find around the internet on how to get Free Spotify Premium. This trick is simple and here is how you can use it: First, get the one-month free Spotify Premium Trial with a new or non-official email. For example, let’s use as an email now. Then, use the Premium for a month. After the trial is over, go to the subscription page and claim the one-month trial again, but this time with an email like this one This will get you another month of the trial, and you can repeat the same for the next month and so on. Just add a new number to your old email and claim your one-month free trial. 

2-Use xManger This is another way but works on Android and Jailbroken iPhones. Use this app to unlock and enjoy Spotify Premium. 


Is Spotify Premium Worth it?

I think it is. You get a seamless experience without ads and an unlimited number of skips with the premium. 

Which country has the cheapest Spotify Premium?

Currently, Pakistan offers the cheapest Spotify Premium subscription at USD 1.08 per month.

Can you download Songs from Spotify Premium?

Yes, you can download any song and music with Spotify Premium. 

What is the Spotify Student Package?

This is a 50% discount offer for students who wish to purchase Spotify Premium. To avail of the offer, students must provide proof of their educational institute ID. This offer is valid for four years, after which it must be renewed.

Can Spotify Premium be shared?

No, the single plan can’t be shared but duo and family plans can be shared. 

Does Spotify Premium Work Offline?

Yes, it does. Spotify Premium works offline but only liked and downloaded songs can be streamed offline. 

Will Spotify Premium Work on a Plane?

Well, if there is an internet connection it will but you will still be able to listen to downloaded music offline with the premium. 

Final Words

We hope you found today’s post helpful. If you haven’t read the whole post let me summarize it for you. Spotify Premium can be bought for cheaper prices using certain methods which are mentioned above. Spotify Premium works offline and you can download music with it. That is all for today we hope to see you again. 

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