How to Watch PSL Live from UAE in 2024 for Free

How to Watch PSL Live from UAE in 2024 for Free: Greetings to all the cricket fans from around the world! The Pakistan Super League (PSL) officially starts on February 17th and we have some exciting news for you. If you’re looking for a way to watch PSL 2024 live from anywhere in the world, apart from Pakistan, we’ve got you covered. You’ll learn about the best and most reliable methods of watching PSL matches from around the world, specifically from the UAE and the USA.

Top 5 ways to watch PSL live from UAE

1-PTV SPORTS Live Website
The official PTV Sports Live website streams most of the national and international live sports events. These events include Cricket, football, hockey, and other sports events. Moreover, national events like the PSL and Quaid e Azam trophy are also live-streamed on this website. To watch PSL from the UAE type>live stream PTV Sports live. That is all and now you will be able to watch live PSL from the UAE in 2024.

Tamasha app has made its way to the top OTT platform in Pakistan. It’s an amazing app and allows you to stream live sports events. Here is how you can watch Live PSL 9 from UAE for free:
Go to Google and search for tamashaweb. com>live tv>PSL live.
That’s all and now stream free PSL from UAE in 2024.

Tapmad is another OTT platform that doesn’t offer free live streaming of PSL but it offers a cheap plan. A pocket-friendly plan of 100 PKR per month(1.31 AED) offers ad-free and 4K streaming of PSL 9 2024. That seems a fair deal so here is how to get it:
You should have a Pakistani network sim(Jazz, Zong, Telenor) with a minimum of 100 PKR in credit. A sim on Roaming may also work. Now enter the sim number and avail of the weekly offer. Now you will be able to watch PSL live from UAE.

This option is only available for Android and smart TV users. Rapidstreamz is a free TV app developed for Android TV and mobile users. You can simply type rapid streams in Google and download the free app. Now head to Pakistani Sports channels and watch live PSL 2024 on your favorite channel.

Where else to watch sports than on TV? In UAE PTV Sports , A sports, and Ten Sports are major PSL broadcasting channels in Pakistan. You can simply watch these channels on your TV. If these channels aren’t available on your TV ask your TV provider about it. These are free channels to watch PSL live in 2024 from the UAE.

Top 4 best channels to watch live PSL from UAE

Here is a list of the Top 5 channels to watch PSL 9 from the UAE in 2024.

1-A Sports
A Sports is the first Pakistani HD sports broadcasting channel launched on October 16, 2021, by ARY Digital Network. Available in UAE, Pakistan, the UK, and other parts of the world, A Sports covers a large variety of sports. PSL 9 in 2024 and can be streamed for free from UAE through A Sports.

A Sports Frequency and Satellite

Paksat 1R Position 38.0°E Frequency 4131V

2-PTV Sports
The good old PTV Sports is always there for mad fans of cricket in Pakistan. It is a pioneer HD sports channel that has broadcasted live sports events since 14 January 2012 in Pakistan, UAE, and other parts of the world. PSL 9 will be streamed in HD quality on PTV Sports in Pakistan, UAE, and other parts of the world.

PTV Sports Frequency and Satellite
Paksat 1R Position 38.0°E Frequency 4001V

3-TEN Sports HD
Ten Sports is a Pakistani HD sports channel and is a subsidiary of Sony and Hum network. It broadcasts live sports events like cricket, football, and tennis. One can watch PSL live from UAE, USA, and other parts of the world on Ten Sports.

Ten Sports Frequency and Satellite
AsiaSat 7 Position 105.5°E Frequency 4180V

4-Starzplay Criclife
Starzplay Criclife is an HD Sports channel pioneer in the UAE. This channel features ODI, T20, and other cricket tournaments. Fans can watch PSL live in 2024 from the UAE via Starzplay.

Starzplay Frequency and Satellite
EchoStar 16 Position 61.5°W Frequency 12253R

Other free methods of watching PSL from the UAE

Above mentioned methods are some of the ways to watch live PSL from the UAE in 2024 for free. Here are some other methods of watching PSL live from the UAE in 2024.

Snack Video
Snack Video app is a free app just like TikTok where you can watch short videos. This season it has the right to stream PSL in Pakistan and the UAE. One can download the Snack Video app and start streaming PSL live for free.


That’s all from today’s post. If any of the apps mentioned above don’t show when you search the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Then use a VPN and connect to a Pakistani server to get the app.

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